Tuff City Train. Tuff City Tattoos in Bronx NY, April 18, 2012 (7'x25'). Part of my Trip to New York. I had requested a space on this Train mockup on the back walls of a business called Tuff City Tattoos in the Bronx. Check out the YouTube video that goes with burner. YouTube Video.

Crayone with a "K". at Studio B in Santa Ana Ca. 2012

My 2012 Los Angeles Trip. Includes a Benefit Steelo bboy Jam in Inglewood Ca. Hanging out with DVC/CBS/ICR crews and painting with Elsr (CBS) at a Glendale California Train Yard. Check the YouTube video.

The sad part of this mural was this was the last piece I did with another member of TWS Krush. RIP. this was a piece we did in Vencie Beach Area. there was more to this wall that KrushTWS did on the left side of this wall. I'll link up several videos to this beautiful man and amazing artist. We miss him dearly. Hawaii Trip, Memorial Video 1, Video 2 with Vocal, Video 3 just Music

My 2012 Los Angeles Trip. Includes a Benefit Steelo bboy Jam in Inglewood Ca. Hanging out with DVC/CBS/ICR crews and painting with Elsr (CBS) at a Glendale California Train Yard. YouTube Video

TWS 30 Year retrospective show at Blicks in San Francisco near market st. Stevenson Alley. "Krayone Tws". Paintied with Raevyn on the left and Picasso on the right. YouTube Video

7TH WEST GRAND OPENING. 1255 7th Street, Oakland, California 94607. 8’x28’. August 25 2018. The owner of the venue asked me if i can be involved in his grand opening. I did what was comfortable for me to do. This is one of a few pieces where I got to come back and used transparency colors to accentuate highlights and shadows. Most of my paint came from 14th Street Supply. Assisted by FuryDA and PicassoTWS aka Howling Wolf. Also painted with AmendTDK. YouTube Video

Krayone Burner at Nimby. YouTube Video.

"UBC" Triple Vision Style. by Crayone, Triple Vision at Nimby's in Oakland, Ca., May 13, 2012 (15'x35'). Originally was designed for a clothing company my friend owned called UBC (Universal Bboy Clothing). Orginally his breaking crew was called Universal Breaking Crew located in Fairfield and Vallejo Ca. The Original style came from a writer named "GuessTMF" and instead of having 1 word read 3 different ways, I make 3 different styles on top of each other and color coordinated differently. Blue Blockletters in the back. The Graffiti letters in the middle as green with a yellow 3-D and finally, The purple 3-D letters shaded to created the illustion of the 3-D effect. YouTube Video

Some of the style writing I do on the computer...

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