Video created by Rigel "Crayone" Juratovac. Music Created by Gurp City. Song Title: The Cutty. 

DanceHall Type Music by Crayone. 

Video shot and filmed by Rigel "Crayone" Juratovac and John Fox. Music Created by Lynell "INKone" Berkely. Song Title: INK ONE. Featuring Eddie K (88). Filmed at a bar in the Tenderloin, South of Market Area (SOMA) and the Mission district. San Francisco, Ca.

Video filmed by Rigel "Crayone" Juratovac and John Fox. Edited by Crayone. Song: We Spit Bars by Lynell "INKone" Berkely and Kenn Chronn. Special appearances by Danny Dibs of Renegade Rockers, Kensho Kuma, Frisco Graffiti OG SHOKone, Eddie K (88) and UnLearn. Filmed in Daly City, Ca.

Wu-Tang | Bronco | Crayone REMIX.
Song by Crayone. Samples: Bronco. Lyrics by Wu-Tang.

Song by Crayone. Lyrics by Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

Song by Crayone. Lyrics by Tupac Shakur. 

Cumbia Type Beat.
Song by Rigel "Crayone" Juratovac.

Song 1 by Crayone. Lyrics by G Dragon.

Song 2 by Crayone. Lyrics by G Dragon.

A co-worker needed help in selling his home in Hayward Ca. After showing me what the local Realtors were making as Far as selling houses through professional looking videos, I accepted the challenge and looked into getting the right equipment and right artists to get the project off to good start. 

Early on when I first got my camera I went down to the local pop up festival and began shooting with my two lenses, the nifty 50 (1.8f) and the default lens that came with the camera (18-55mm).
Song by Air - Playground Love.

Song by Crayone. Lyrics by P-LO. Directed by David Camarena. 

Song by Crayone. Lyrics by Daddy Yankee.

Song and Video by Crayone. Lyrics by Eddie K (88).

Song by Crayone. Lyrics by Kool G Rap and DJ Polo.

Filming a protest (for the horrible treatment of wild horses by the BLM) at Golden Gate Bridge.

Following wild horse advocates to Reno to film the plight of America’s Wild Horses and Burros.

I really like the psychological film editing and content of David Lynch’s filmmaking style. One day I happened to grab a camera and document one of my friends DJ gig. I quickly decided to film the nights festivities. Not only did I decide to give it a weird David Lynch vibe in my own personal way but to also get to use different effects off of FinalCutPro.

Another one of David Lynch’s filmmaking style. I went to Santa Cruz and filmed some Merry Go Round. I decided to give it a theLynch vibe. Song by David Lynch and Lykke Li.

Helping my sister out with her FDIC obligations. She teaches classes there and needed a video to showcase what she will be teaching. Produced for the April 2020 FDIC.

Helping my sister out with her FDIC obligations. She teaches classes there and needed a video to showcase what she will be teaching. Produced for the April 2019 FDIC.

My first parody video which was filmed live at a festival in Santa Rosa. We had a concept and filmed it gorilla style. No excuses. We just made it happen.

Recently my friend and famous old school graffiti writer from New York City "Stan153", Along with John Fox and I interviewed him several years ago and it was an honor to know him and what he had left behind. We lost a true legend and amazing friend. RIP STAN 153.

I believe this was filmed after I came back from my Graphic Design school in Arizona. I believe this was early nineties. Across the street from Franklyn Auto near the famous Psycho City location. It was filmed by Vex and edited many years later. Check out when we were young and bold. The writers and friend that were there were Neon, Reavyn, Picasso aka Howling Wolf, Terry, Estria, Misk, ARB (RIP) and myself. Check out the joke I put on a homeless person.

City of Lost Letters by Nate1MPC, SaytrMPC. and myself CrayoneTWS/ICR/AS/UN/ZULU. When MPC and TWS gets together to do a mural, we call ourselves UN (United Nations). 

This was done around the time where I was running a business called I got to do a tattoo shop in Pacifica ca. I used some of the flash that most of the tattoo artists use. Plus I got to joke around a little. 

This was only a few years before AJ (SAZE-AS) had passed away. I just got a camera and wanted to know how many different ways to film someone doing art. He was an awesome friend and was amazing graffiti artists who was tapping into his artistic side. I miss him dearly. Till we meet again. 

The location was NIMBY (Not In My BackYard), Oakland (Just closed its doors. Nov 2019). But once I got to befriend the owner at this unique location I was asked to do a second wall and I decided to bring out my old friends to paint with me. Raevyn did the top letters while Bam did the dragons. We all help fill-in and it was one of those family reunion bbq paint jams that was memorable. 

One of my early concepts of the "Throw-up Burners". The concept was simple. Take your time with your actual piece but fill it in with a stitch fill like you would with a throw-up. that way you can do 2 or 3 of these a night. quick pieces but also you can throw down with some style. This was an area before all the stores that went up in Emeryville, Ca. 

I was approached by a UBIsoft manager who wanted their UBIsoft headquarters staircase painted on all 4 floors of the video games that they had made. I had amazing help from friend and writer Toons1TCB. SOMA, San Francisco, Ca. 

One of my best friends (SunDanceAS) told me he had a wall for me to paint that was inside of his warehouse business. once we got one of his friends drawing of a dragon, I was off to complete the project. I took my time and it took my like 1 week to complete. I just remember the time it took to do each and every scale and it took my almost a whole day to complete that section of the mural. Oakland, Ca.  

I did a surfboard for one of the members of the local fire department. He wanted a little rendition of what was on his arm to the surfboard. Music by IZ.

When I visited LA, I went to go see a member of my crew named KrushTWS (RIP) and after his passing, I edited some videos to remember and celebrate his amazing talents. Miss you brother. 

My visit to Kona Hawaii for the Ride The Breaks hip-Hop competition held every year. RIP KrushTWS.

San Francisco Meeting of Styles Graffiti event that was very successful.

Made a 1-off coffee table book on my recent art.

Filming while I was on vacation at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Connecting with DJ Fader. Discussing about being more involved in my music production as my scratch DJ.

Just got a bunch of random video clips and spliced them together over a beat. Just a moment in time right up to the time where I got called into the fire department. (I got called when I was finishing up on the low rider).

Just a random moment in time where Nate1 got a Buch of us writers to paint a business in San Francisco. Joker, Nate1, Fury, Bam and others including myself. San Francisco on Evens st near 3rd st.

Random video showing artists splitting spray paint and caps equally among 3/4 writers.

My first voice over video clip. This was a several years before my mother had passed and I made a little collage of clips when visiting my Aunt and Uncle's house in LA. 

This was also several years before my mother had passed and I made a little collage of clips when visiting my Aunt and Uncle's house in LA.

TRUE TO THE GAME. Video clips of a bboy event in San Jose ca. Several years prior I was honored to join with Style Elements Crew.

I did a quick video at the Rock The School Bells event in San Mateo, Ca.

Before I got into the fire department I was volunteering for many organizations including the San Francisco Fire Museum. I was offered to help out with not only building their website and some of their collateral materials. 

SFFD celebration of the Silver Twins. The fire hydrant(s) that saved a better half of San Francisco.

I am a member of the local Zulu Nation chapter called All Tribes. We did an event with workshops, bboy battles and a painting session in the back with some local hip-hop celebs. Here is just a Intro and Outro of the video I made.

I am a member of the local Zulu Nation chapter called All Tribes. We did an event with workshops, bboy battles and a painting session in the back with some local hip-hop celebs. Here is the whole video I made.

While I was up near holland/Ukiah Ca, I was visiting Picasso aka Howling Wolf and was filming one of his many stories of his local run-in's with the police and writers. 

On one of my visits to Ukiah to visit Picasso aka Howling Wolf where he almost burned his house down. Here I am visiting him with Sno another San Jose graffiti legend.

Neon in 1994. One of the early massive productions in the East Bay (Emeryville Ca.). Here getting up with two other members of the old TWS crew (Estria and Raevyn). 

Random old video of writers chilling at Estria's house in San Francisco. Most, EFX, Estria, Raevyn and myself.

Just some random clips of the 2018 Cinco De Mayo Festival.

5 Pointz (Meres) Black Books. Filmed with SALVADOR "LORD BIZR" LUJAN (RIP).

Nimby Wall TWS and Bas1 SEC. Shooting the shit. Strutting, Popping, Graffiti... it's all what we know and enjoy.

POEone | BAS1 | PicassoTWS. Poe talking about Freight train graffiti book. This video is more about the look of the video and not about the content. Filmed by CrayoneTWS/SEC/ICR/AS/UN/ZULU

RTSB (Rock The School Bells) 2015.

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