HomeTurf Arts Commission

Home Turf Segments. One of the more popular television shows from the mid 80's.


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Built For Skratch

I was invited to be on one of their "Built for Skratch" segments. Redwood City, Ca.

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MOVIES:                                       Edited by Crayone.com

LMC - Interior Wall

925 Piner Rd, Santa Rosa, Ca. Interior Mural called the 4 Legends studio.


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Crayone in the 80's

Mix of video clips and all or most of my photos collaged into 1 piece with info on the bottom. It's the only video I made that have most of my photos in one video. Enjoy! YouTube Video

Giant Panda Mural

Oakland Chinatown, Ca.


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KRON 4 (Aired on Dec, 1st, 2012)

Cray Cray Challenge with Love Oakland Art Gallery. The local news channel wanted to come down to see what all the fuss was about. Oakland, Ca.

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TELEVISED:                       Recorded in the Bay Area

UBC Triple Vision

Created May 13th, 2012. Assisted and filmed by Polar and Angel Powers. Edited/Color by SpaceGhost. Nimby, Oakland, Ca.

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Cray Cray Challenge - Opening

Time lapse of the Art Opening. CrayoneTWS, Nate1, BamTWS, Blaze aka PicassoTWS, East3 and Kraze. Dec 7th, 2012. Oakland Ca.

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The Painted Face

I was commissioned by Jack London Square First Fridays Art Festival. May 4th, 2012, Oakland, Ca.

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Cray Cray Challenge - Super Slide Show

Fast SlideShow. Thanks for Photos by Patrick Kutsch, Rachel Escoto, Jaime Galiindo and Mark Leavitt. Dec 7th, 2012, Oakland, Ca.
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Young Crayone

This KRON News segment was aired in the Mid 80's. I was one of the first writers to do a one man gallery show on the west coast.

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This was another mid 80's segment on local television, a program that came on every Saturday for kids and young adults doing cool stuff. Crayone and Stylz segment on Home Turf. YouTube Video

Art Notes Ch9

San Francisco Writing Scene in the mid 80's. Art Notes was a popular show on PBS Channel 9.


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This was another mid 80's segment on Home Turf, a program that came on every saturday for kids and young adults doing cool stuff. KSUN vs. DA Battle Segment on Home Turf. YouTube Video

B-Boy Samurai

Colaboration Mural at Townsend Alley in San Francisco (South of Market). Crayone video. 6:29 minute short version.
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Beast Mode

SOMA SF, Ca. Stevenson Alley. In-conjunction with Blicks Art Supply Store,  PG&E and NRG Corporation.


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Koi Fish at Nimby

Part of the Art is Mobil Us project. Filmed and Edited by Rigel Juratovac and Angel Powers. Assisted by Saze. Oakland, Ca. Nimby

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Hip-Hop Jam

2nd Annual Gunderson High School Hip-Hop Festival. Raw Video. Live painting by Raevyn. San Jose, Ca. 2011.

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In Da Bronx

I traveled to the Bronx and the friendly folks at the tattoo shop let me paint and and it was only up for a few days. Thanks to Ces for letting me paint there.
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Sundragon Mural

Footage from SunDragon Printing. The owner hired me to do a portion of the wall at his business. Oakland, Ca.
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Bills Wheels Skate & Surf Shop

Fama, Vex, Retro, Cire and CoCreator Espinoza. Music: "The Mexican" by Babe Ruth and "Morning Star" by Flunk. March 11, 2012. Santa Cruz.

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Krush RIP Video

I was with Krush on several occasions. When he went missing in Hawaii, I made a piece to remember him by RIP my friend and brother and crew mate.
YouTube Video One | YouTube Video Two

Falcon Production

Co-producded and Created with SazeAS. Assisted with Polar Polega and Angel Powers. Berkeley Ca.


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Colorado Crush Festival

My trip to Denver for the Colorado Crush Spraycan Art Festival. Along with ICR, the trip was fun and instead of doing letters, I ended up doing a 2 robots fighting each other. YouTube Video | Facebook Gallery

Sunland Home

Los Angeles Trip with my mom in July 2012. My second attempt at making video like this. music, voice over and video. Shot on a Canon T3i done in an "Endless Summer Style". YouTube Video

TWS Dragons by Bam1

TWS Reunion. Dragon Wall. We had a little crew reunion and Mike Bam was the dragon slayer, while Raevyn held it down with the letters on top of the production. YouTube Video | Facebook Gallery

Oakland Fair

Oakland Fair. After I bought my first DSLR, I decided to take it out and test out different lenses for day and night time shots. Filmed and Edited by Rigel Juratovac. YouTube Video

Los Angeles Trip

Bas1 and I made a trip to LA to go to the Steelo Benefit Jam. Facebook Gallery 1. Facebook Gallery 2. Facebook Gallery 3. YouTube Video

Longwood Gardens

When I visited the East Coast I went to a place called the Longwood Gardens and I spent the whole day video taping it to you bring you this...

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MJ Surfboard Design

Surfboard Design for MJ (SFFD) I was called upon to do a design based on his tattoo. It's a unique pattern based on filipino/Islander style tribal design.

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4-Way Split Screen Video

Raw and edited videos collected from Almost 4 Decades. 45 Mintues of random graffiti videos.


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Oakland Fire Department

I was called place a tribute memorial piece for the Local Union 55 for the Oakland Fire Department.


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Saze @ Crayone Studio

Saze & Crayone chopping it up 2 weeks before the Falcon piece was done. This is more showcasing Saze's color sketch abilities.

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Lost City of Letters

SOMA SF, CA. Mural with Satyr, Nate1 of MPC and myself working one of San Francisco's Classic Murals..

YouTube Video | YouTube Video (18 minutes)

Live Painting

Helms Jr. High School located in Richmond Ca.  Live Painting to over 2,000 students.


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UBIsoft Corp.

SOMA, SF, CA. In 2004, I was blessed to use Montana for the first time and this was the mural I did on the stairwell. 4 floors of characters...

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I Hate Hamsters

We came a week earlier and my friends and I planned on battling this hamster which was a spokesperson for a car company. We came to battle yo! Edited and Filmed by Crayone. YouTube Video

King Kong

Oakland, Ca. I was called by a clinet who ones the Tribune buidling. He also went to Cal and he owned a call center.. YouTube Video | Facebook Gallery

All My Tags

Most of the Style Writings from 1995 to 2013 by Crayone.


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Crayone Live-Painting

One of my co-workers wanted a few canvases in his home so I came over one sunday and while painting we had a BBQ. Email me for inquiries.

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TWS Production

23rd Yards in Oakland Ca.

Dedicated to DreamTDK. R.I.P. Part video on meeting of styles, Dream memorial wall, part TWS production. YouTube - 15min | YouTube - 30min

Bay Fitted Clothing Store

Interior Mural created with Nate, Pengo, Sheik and Fury. Tenderloin, SF, Ca. Music by Nate1MPC.


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Jay's Tattoo Shop

I did a Grim Reaper and a Dragon for the interior wall for Jay's Tattoo Shop in Pacifica Ca.


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Crayone DVD Promo

Raw Collection of Videos from the past and present. 1 hour of raw and edited video footages from the 80's to some that is recent as 2009.

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Ahki Fury Interview

Filmed by Crayone. Part of the Precita Eye Mural Center Aerosol Art in the Park Festival. San Francisco. Ca.

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All Tribes Zulu Nation

Filmed by Crayone. Introduction to All Tribes Universal Zulu Nation. San Francisco Chapter.


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All Tribes Meeting

Filmed by Crayone. Universal Zulu Nation Meeting on the 4th of July. 2011.


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