Slide Show Presentation: $500USD


I have been presenting slideshows for the past 15 years. The presentaion is about my years involving the growth of an artist living in the Bay Area with connections to the underground hip-hop scene and my life going through the stages of early years of breaking on the streets to painting them. It goes through the 80's, the 90's and 2000's. It goes through my involvement with graphic design and layout production to the web design. About the companies I've had and the successes and failures. Then the resurection of the art form from which I am totally committed to life in general.... blah, blah, blah... the Bay Area giving slideshow presentation on my life and travels as a street artist/graffiti artist.


My time is 1 hour with 45 Video/Slideshow Presentation with 15min of Question and Answer. If you are interested in having me as a guest speaker, please contact me. I've been giving slideshow presentation and lecture for almost 15 years The Rates differ from hour to hour and the distance I would have to travel (gas expens) but my going rate for 1 hour is $250.00 (USD)


I talk about my history and the trials and tribulations of what I went through. From the early years, getting into graphics, the web, small businesses, and constantly finding balance between life of a fine artist and a graphic/web designer.


If you want me to give a one-of-a-kind slideshow/video/lecture to your classroom, please contact me.



Contra Costa Community College: Slide Show. Richmond. CA. 2010, 08, 07, 06

Alamda Community College: Lecture & Slide Show. Oakland. CA. 2008

Mark Twain High School: Instructor of SparyCan Art Class. SF. CA. 1993-94

California College of Arts and Crafts: Lecture & Slide Show. Oakland. CA.1989

San Francisco State University: Lecture & Slide Show. SF. CA. 1989

Precita Eyes Mural Center: Lecture & Slide Show. SF. CA. 1988

University of San Francisco: Int. Mural & Lecture. SF. CA. 1987