Rigel Juratovac



Associates of Arts, Al Collins Graphic Design School, Tempe, Arizona 1990

General Studies, California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA, 1992

General Studies, City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, 1987-1989, 2010




• InDesign

• PhotoShop

• Illustrator

• Muse

• Dreamweaver

• Flash

• Fireworks

• Microsoft Office

• Logic Pro

• Final Cut Pro

• DVD Studio Pro



Creative Director/Graphic Designer/HTML
All Tribes Universal Zulu Nation & Website

Hip-hop Organization. San Francisco CA 2006 - Current. .Web design/maintenance, graphic design, Photography/Video/Filming/Editing.


Creative Director/Graphic Designer/HTML
Move 2 Change Dance Studio & Website

Sebastopol, CA 2013. Web design/maintenance, graphic design, Photography/Video/Filming/Editing.


Production Manager/Creative Director/Graphic Designer/HTML
Jobs & Careers Newspaper & Website

& Job Fair Company San Mateo, CA 1999-2010.

Web design, web maintenance, page layout, ad work, illustrations.


Production Manager/Creative Director/Graphic Designer/HTML

Main Street Magazine & Website

San Mateo, CA 2007-2009. Created magazine from scratch, web development, web  maintenance, page layout, ad work, media kits, promotional materials, corporate I.D. and illustrations.

Production/Graphic Designer

Inside Tennis Magazine

Oakland, CA 2002-2005. Page layout, ad work and illustrations.


Production Manager/Graphic Designer/HTML

AsianWeek Newspaper & Website

San Francisco, CA 1997-2000. Developed and maintained our website, page layout, ad work and illustrations.

Production Manager/Creative Director/Graphic Designer/HTML


San Francisco, CA 2000-2003 Web Maintenance, page layout, graphic design, ad work, promotional & colaterial materials,  media kits, corporate I.D. and Illustrations.

Production Manager/Creative Director/Graphic Designer/HTML


Daly City, CA 1996-2000. Graphics/HTML, page layout/ illustrations, corporate I.D., stickers, logos, banners, flyers, business cards, J-Cards, albums, and CD covers.


Jobs and Careers Newspaper and Job Fair: Most Significant Graphics Contribution



Skilled with many years of advanced print programs, extensive knowledge in the advertising and employment field, web design, good use of color & type, high-resolution scanning, image-editing, pre-press & image-setting, print & production techniques. Familiar with CMYK and RGB, adept in the use of color balance, patterns, mixing. Pre & post production work with digital filming and editing. Excel working independently under minimal supervision, and have the ability to work with others under tight deadlines and or stressful conditions. Have excellent communication skills. A self-starter, goal oriented with an attention for details and a real passion and love for what I do.



In late 2015, I was called upon by the San Francisco Fire Department to train at their training facility and after 6 months of training, 1 year of probation, I officially joined as one of the proud members of the San Francisco Fire Department.


    • FIGHTER 1 Cert. (State of California Fire Marshals Office)

    • EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) - Current Ca. Cert.

    • HAZMAT




    • CPR Healthcare Provider - Current Cert.

    • California Physical Agility Test - Current Cert.


REFERENCES: (Link to Page)




Harley Davidson Motorcycles: Exterior Wall on Cesar Chavez and Mission St. SF, Ca. 2019

Azteca Taqueria Resturant: Exterior Wall on 3rd and Williams St. SF, CA. 2018

Datani Real Estate Managment: Exterior Mural on 22nd and Mission, SF, Ca. 2018

State Farm Insurance: interior Mural. 25th and Mission St., SF, Ca. 2018

3:19 Coffee: Exterior Mural & on coffee bean packaging. SF, Ca. 2017

Google: Interior Mural on Board. In conjunction with Precita Eyes Mural Center. SF, CA. 2016

LMC: Ext./Int. Mural. Santa Rosa, Ca. 2013/14

The Red Siren Tattoo Shop: Int. Mural. Pacifica, Ca. 2013

Move 2 Change Studio: Int. Mural. Sebastopol, Ca. 2013

Tribune Building: Int. Mural. Oakland, Ca. 2013

Art MurMur: -In conjunction with Artismobilus. Ext. Mural. Oakland, Ca. 2013

Jack London Square: First Fridays. Wooden panel Live Art. Oakland, Ca. 2012

Artismobilus: Richard Felix Art Project. Ext. Mural. Oakland, Ca. 2011/12

NIMBY: (Not In My Back Yard) Ext. Murals. Oakland, Ca. 2012

Bay Fitted Clothing Boutique: Int. Mural. SF, CA. 2004

UBI-Soft Corp.: Mural on Staircase/Hallway. SF, CA. 2004/05

Hot Import Nights: Display for Convention Center. LA, CA. 2003

ComedyWorld.Com: Int. Mural. SF, CA. 2001

Jay's Tattoo Shop: Int. Mural. Pacficia, CA. 2001

Lombardi Sports: Int./Ext. Mural. SF, CA. 1998

Kips Resturant: Ext. Mural. Berkeley, CA. 1997

Rainbow Coalition: Canvas Banner. SF, CA. 1997

Central and Height Market: Ext. Mural. SF, CA. 1993, 94, 95, 96.

Napa Valley Car Wash: Ext. Mural. Napa Valley, CA. 1995

Cal Performances: Mural on Stage. LA Opera House. May 3-12 1995

Amdahl Corp.: Moscone Convention Center, Redwood City. CA. 1992, 94

Cyber-Fest/Cool World: Ext. Murals on Ramps with Corporate Logos

In Conjunction with: Trans World Skateboarding, Think, Thrasher Magazine,

Airwalk & Real Skateboards. SOMA SF. CA. July 1993

So-Jung Boutique: Fillmore St. Int. Mural/Gallery Show. SF. CA. 1993

All You Knead Café: Gallery Show and Slide Show. Haight St. SF. CA. 1993

The Edge/Vortex Nightclub: Gallery Show, Ext. & Int. Murals. Palo Alto, CA. 1987-89

Toyota Corp: Backdrop for TV Commercial. San Rafael. CA. 1989

Macy's Department Store: Window Display Fashion Show. Downtown SF. CA. 1989

McKesson Corp: Ext. Mural on plywood. SF. CA. 1988

Keyboard Magazine: Ext. Mural. Front Cover of magazine. Palo Alto, CA. 1988

KSOL Radio: Ext. Mural/Stage Backdrop for Cinco De Mayo Concert. SF. CA. 1988

International Studies Academy: Int./Ext. Mural for Album Cover. SF. CA. 1987 & 88

Club Nine: Ext. Mural. SOMA SF. CA. 1986



Tijuana Government: Ext. Mural. SF, LA and SD artists collaborate on a mural on the Tijuana side of the border. Tijuana, Mexico. 1997

Muni Metro: Ext. Mural on Construction Site. In Conjunction with: Bechtel
     Corporation, SF Arts Commission, S.F. Utilities Commission, & Precita Eyes
     Mural Center. SF. CA. July 1995

Summer of Service: Government Sponsorship Program. Ext. Mural on Valencia
     Street Housing Projects. In Conjunction with: SWATT Architects, SF Housing
     Authority, California Conservation Corps., Christmas in April, SF Examiner/
     Chronicle. Media Coverage on all local tv stations. 15th/Mission. SF. CA. 1993



Orange Crush Graffiti Expo: Ext. Mural. Denver Colorado. Sept 2012

Ride The Breaks Festival: Slide Show/Live Painting. Kona Hawaii, July 2012

This Way Up: Live Painting on Stage. SF. CA. Dec. 8th, 2007

Strawberry: The End Up Club. SF. CA. Nov. 9th, 2002

Neckro Beach: Film Fundraising Party. SF. CA. Sept 21, 2002

B-Boy Summit: Panel Guest. San Diego. CA. 2002 & 1997

Return of the B-Boy: Break Dancing Competition. San Jose. CA.2001, 2002

Healing of the Arts: Aids Awareness & Canvas Show. SF, CA. 1993

Mural Awareness Week: Group Show. SF. CA. 1993

Pioneer Arts Festival: Live Art Show on Plywood. Reno. NV. 1989

Cinco De Mayo Festival: Stage Mural. SF. CA. 1989

S.F. Skateboard Contest: Ramp Mural. SF. CA. 1989

Aerosol Art Show: Spraycan Art Book Opening. Ext. Mural. LA. CA. 1988

Youth Expo: Banners and Outside Stage Mural. SF. CA. 1989

Spray Can Art Book Opening: Ext. Mural. SF. CA. 1988

Oakland Festival at the Lake: Ext. Mural. Oakland. CA. 1987, 88

San Francisco Arts Festival: SF Arts Commission, Art on Plywood. SF. CA. 1987



Mind Over Matter Graffiti Event in SF: Lilac Alley and 24th St. SF, Ca. 2015

Contra Costa Community College: Slide Show. Richmond. CA. 2006, 07, 08

Alamda Community College: Lecture & Slide Show. Oakland. CA. 2008

Mark Twain High School: Instructor of SparyCan Art Class. SF. CA. 1993-94

California College of Arts and Crafts: Lecture & Slide Show. Oakland. CA.1989

San Francisco State University: Lecture & Slide Show. SF. CA. 1989

Precita Eyes Mural Center: Lecture & Slide Show. SF. CA. 1988

University of San Francisco: Int. Mural & Lecture. SF. CA. 1987



Artifacts Show at the Bench, 906 12th St. Sacramento. CA. 95814. July 18th 2014

1am Gallery: The Truck Show. SF. CA. Feb 10th 2012

Black White and Red: Int. Mural - Love Oakland Gallery, Oakland. CA. Dec 2012

Oakland Art Muesuem: "Piece By Piece" Show. Oakland. CA. 2007

Oakland Art Museum: Graffiti Slide Show. Oakland. CA. July 2006/2002

Cellspace: Alter State. A Celebration of Living Art. SF. CA. Dec 9th 2006

For the People: A Street Art Celebration. SF. CA. Oct 7th 2005

Market Street Gallery: Live Art Performance. SF. CA. Aug 6th 2004

Wildfiles: Gallery Show. 16th Mission. SF. CA. Curated by KayTwo, 2004

Altered Barbi Show: Live Art Performance. SOMA. SF. CA. 2003

Liminal Gallery: Aerosol Dominion Graffiti. West Oakland. CA. April 8th 2003

Yerbua Buena Center for the Arts: Recognized as one of the early Pioneers of  
     Graffiti Art in San Francisco Bay Area. Art on Plywood for Bay Area Hip-Hop  
     History Show. SF. CA. 2001

Top Illin' Graffiti/Hip-Hop Show: LA. CA. May 28th 1995

Club Vortex: Nightclub Graffiti Gallery Showcase. Palo Alto. CA. 1988



Ride The Breaks Hip-Hop Festival in Kona Hawaii: Recognized for lifetime achievement award for being a Grafifi Art Pioneer in the San Francisco Bay Area. 2017

Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art (MOCA): Recognized in the Grafifi Art Show of 2012 as one of Pioneers of the San Francisco Graffiti scene.

Pro-Am International Hip-Hop Conference: Award given for lifetime achievement
award. City Nights Club. SF. CA. 2009

Mighty 4 Hip-Hop Showcase: Award given for lifetime achievement award. Cow Palace. SF. CA. (2008)

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts: In 2001, I was Recognized as one of the founding artist for early Bay Area Graffiti Art Scene. Art produced for the show: 4x8 Plywood. SF. CA. 2009

SOHH (Support On-line Hip-Hop): Awarded in 1997, 1998 and 1999. Held in NYC. Won for best overall hiphop web site design, Best B-Boy web site design and best graffiti web site design for 3 years in a row. 97, 98 and 99.




History of American Graffiti: Co-Authors Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon.

Publisher: Harper Design (April 5, 2011), Hardcover: 400 pages

Freight Train Graffiti: Co-Authors Roger Gastman, Darin Rowland, Ian Sattler.

Publisher: Abrams, Harry N., Inc., Publication date: 6/28/2006, Pages: 352

Street Art of San Francisco: Annice Jacoby (Editor), Carlos Santana (Foreword)

Publisher: Abrams. (June 1, 2009) Hardcover: 304 pages

SprayCan Art: Co-Authors Henry Chalfant and James Prigoff.

Publisher: Thames & Hudson. (Sept. 1987) Paperback: 96 pages

Graffito: Michael Walsh

Publisher: North Atlantic Books (October 9, 1996), Paperback: 144 pages


Oakland Local: by Eric K. Arnold. Feb, 4, 2013

Flyer (Club Publication): 97

Sunset Beacon: 96

Stanford Intermission: Front Cover and Article. May 8th 97

San Jose Mercury News: "Graffiti Grows Up" by Marian Liu. 95

San Francisco Chronicle: 95, 88

Oakland Tribune: 94

National Enquire: 94

Image Magazine: Nov 23rd 86

Palo Alto Times: 92

Ghetto Art: 88

Keyboard Magazine: Front Cover. 88

San Jose Metro: Front Cover. 88

San Francisco Examiner: 86, 88

Bay Gaurdian: Front Cover. 87

IGT Times: 87



Channel 4 News: 2012, 1987

Built For Skratch: Segment. 2008

Piece by Piece: Clip

    Graffiti Documentary. Nic Hill (Director), Rated: NR, Format: DVD

    DVD Release Date: November 14, 2006

First Cut: 97

Home Turf: 1986, 1987, 1988

Art Notes: Channel 9 - Commentary. 1987

Channel 5 News: 86

Buster and Me: 86


Murals Client List:

UBI-Soft Corp., Hot Import Nights, ComedyWorld.Com, Lombardi Sports, Kips Resturant, Rainbow Coalition, Los Angeles Opera House, Amdahl Corporation, Moscone Convention Center, Cyber-Fest/Cool World, The Edge/Vortex Nightclub, Toyota, Macy's, McKesson Corporation, Keyboard Magazine, KSOL Radio, Club Nine, Tijuana Government, Muni Metro, Bechtel Corporation, SF Arts Commission, Precita Eyes., Healing of the Arts, Mural Awareness Week, Pioneer Arts Festival, Cinco De Mayo Festival, San Francisco Youth Expo, Oakland Festival at the Lake, San Francisco Arts Festival, Oakland Musuem, Yerbua Buena Center for the Arts, BayFitted, Mountain Dew, Cartoon Channel, Buster and Me, Home Turf, etc...

GRAPHICS RESUME:                 (Download PDF Version)

FINE ART RESUME:                   (Download PDF Version)

SFFD Fire Reserves

San Francisco Fire Department, Sept 2014-present

Providing trained and limited support for the members of the San Francisco Fire Department. San Francisco, Ca.


Neighborhood Emergency Response Team

San Francisco Fire Department, January 2009-present

Emergency training for man-made or natural disaster. Learned how to use the START system (Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment).


MUNI and BART Training Exercise

San Francisco Fire Department, 2012-present
. Volunteer with the Emergency Training Testing in conjunction with BART and MUNI in downtown Civic Center on a Mass Casualty Incident scenario. Acting out as a victim and also providing photos and videos of the event.


Precita Eyes Mural Center

San Francisco, 2009-present

I am a professional Graphic Designer and Artist and I have been able to pass these skills on to high-risk youth by teaching them. Many of these young potential artists were involved in vandalism, but At Precita Eyes, young artists learn to channel their need to create towards positive mural projects that beautify the City of San Francisco giving them self esteem and confidence.


Food Bank, Korean Senior Citizens Center

San Francisco, 2012-present
Volunteer for the Korean Senior Citizens Center Food Bank. Every Friday I helped distribute food to the elderly and lower income families within the Western Addition District.


Fire Hydrant Celebration

San Francisco Fire Department, 2013-present

Participated in the annual painting of the Fire Hydrants (Silver Twins) that saved the City of San Francisco during the 1906 Great Earthquake and Fire. Helped set up the PA system and took photos and videos to commemorate the occasion. Hayes and Buchannan streets and 20th and Castro Street.


Cherry Blossom Festival - SFFD

Asian Firefighters Association, 2010-present

Helped with setting up tables and cooking BBQ for the Asian Fire Fighters Association.


San Francisco Pride Parade Festival - SFFD

Helped with organizing and producing t-shirts for the event. Helped with documenting the event through photos and videos.


VOLUNTEER RESUME:                 (Download PDF Version)