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Choose the Sword Press

Our initial logo was amazing. I know this because I designed it myself. However, after a certain point, I decided I wanted to make our logo and branding more professional. That is where Crayone came in and I would highly recommend him. He converted my broken ideas into something tangible and took it to the next level. He was able to work within our budget and give us something we can be very proud of.


Jaime Galindo

Murals & Girls (Love Oakland Group)

I've worked with Crayone on numerous projects. Each time was better than the last. Crayone is a creative work horse. There is literally nothing he can't paint with a spraycan. You name it, he'll paint it. Cartoonish, realistic, backgrounds, letters and any thing else you can think of. You always get what you pay for when you work with Cray, that's what I feel is most important. Slideshow | Time Lapse | News | Facebook gallery 1, 2, 3 |


Franck Van Dalen

Client from Europe (Netherlands)

As a Graffiti aficionado, art lover and frequent visitor of San Francisco, I was familiar with the legacy and work of Crayone. I am a big fan of wildstyle tags and when I became father I wanted to have my son’s name written in wildstyle. I got in touch with Crayone and he accepted the commission work. Now a few years later Crayone made multiple wildstyle tags of all my Loved ones’ names and he even made a “family tree”. All the works have a special place in the house. He shows great dedication to the assignment, works fast and has excellent communication skills. All that together make Crayone not only a very  gifted artist, but also a very professional and  real nice person to deal with.


Nathan Prowse

Owner of Live Musicians Co-op in Santa Rosa

If I could pick one person to work with for anything that has to do with design or art I would pick Crayone well above anyone else.  His talent and dedication and willingness to go above and beyond on every project makes him a true asset to any company.   His talents, dedication and follow through impressed me so much thatI have personally hired him multiple times for multiple projects including 2 gigantic murals, logo design, business card design, flyer and brochure design. His approach to art is completely his own making it unique and priceless.  Aside from his huge discography and his bragging rights and talent, Rigel (Crayone) I found to be humble, extremely easy to work with, and a huge inspiration on myself and I hope to work with him continuously in the future for any future art or design endeavors.  YouTube Video | Facebook Gallery One | Facebook Gallery Two | Facebook Gallery Three


James Prigoff

Mural documenter and publisher of Spray Can Art

"Early on I was struck not only by his technical proficiency, buy by the creativity and imagination that he displayed. I documented all of his work during that period and included him in my book. I observed the growth and development of his work. His talents and abilities are special. He can make a real contribution to imaginative, colorful, and very distinctive wall decoration." James Prigoff in a Video.


Claire Naomi Isaacs

Former Director of the San Francisco Arts Commission

"Even the greatest detractors of this art from recognized the artist incredible talent and ability, and he had many admirers in the community. It was with special pleasure, then, that I recently learned that Crayone has pursued an art career. My colleagues on the newly formed Anti-Graffiti advisory Committee of the San Francisco Muni Metro applauded with delight over this news. Crayone has taken the positive road of education and training. He is a bright, talented and forceful personality. I surely hope you can find a place for him both for his present talents and for his personal achievements as a role model for other young men. He will not let you down."


Ieanna Cruz

ReachLocal Inc.

Rigel Juratovac was not only a pleasure to work with at Jobs & Careers, he had outstanding work ethics that got the job done in a timely and innovative fashion. In creating ads for my clients I would only need to tell him a quick verbal description of what I needed and he easily expedited it to exactly what I had in mind and then some with his own creative twist. At the job fairs, he gave a fresh perspective of what improvements could be made and took care of them. Weather it was poster boards, or structure of the booths he took a creative approach to making it more visually stimulating and organized. He was also very friendly and professional with the clients and prospective clients.


Matt Coffee

Art Director for Bay Area News Group / Walnut Creek Office

I commissioned Crayone to paint a three canvas (triptych) piece for me and it now stands as the centerpiece of my home. As a fellow artist, his work gives me inspiration to create. The amount of art he has created over the years and his willingness to keep striving to evolve as an artist is unique and provides me with motivation. He has a positive mindset, a good outlook on life and a humble demeanor. I recommend anyone who loves art to reach out to Crayone. YouTube Video | Facebook Gallery


Lucciano Berningson

Industry415 Entertainment Marketing Group / Agency Director

I've known Rigel a little under two years and in that time I have had the pleasure of booking Rigel for both Corporate & Motivational Speaking engagements showcasing his artistic talents and using his life experiences as a platform to spark passion and purpose in not only in the local community but also among the corporate community on a national level. Rigel Juratovac's professionalism, passion for his art and passion for inspiring people is what has me continue to utilize him for our clients. Video


Nick Myerhoff

Owner Designer/ GirlRider Design

I have had the pleasure of working with Rigel over the past few months. Although his history precedes him, my experience working with him is recent. As an accomplished art director and designer, I found Rigel to be not only down to earth and professional but accommodating and humble. Its rare to find artists with such vast experience that still have an open attitude and willingness to share and teach. Because of people like Rigel, the street art movement is sure to flourish and become more accepted as a legitimate mainstream art form


Terra Wattles

Aragonne Park Director

"I've known Crayone for many years and to have a colorful mural in our playground really makes it a fun place to be for many of the children and adults that comes here and enjoy art. A lot of the younger generation understand graffiti more than I do, but I think Crayones unique technique makes it an art form and can bridge the gap between art and graffiti.


Perry Weissburg

Owner of Housewares

"To the people of this community, these murals speak of their cultural heritage. They have become symbols of pride and hope in our neighborhood."


Sam Ezam

Owner of Liquor Store

"Ever since I hired Crayone to do a spray-can art mural, the art has effectively deterred vandalism (tagging) on our walls. Believe it or not, even the taggers have respect for large graffiti murals. Our neighbors and customers from all walks of life come in and give us compliments. It's hard to believe that this corner is now famous. It also beautifies the surrounding areas with brilliant colors and the artwork seems to lift everyone's spirits.


Richard J. Miller

Owner of Napa Valley Car Wash

"The mural painted in Napa Valley has been enthusiastically received by our customers and citizens of Napa. Crayone was great to work with and his art is truly unique. I am looking forward to my next project with Crayone and encourage you to consider his talents as well."


Richard Leeds

Art Director of Keyboard Magazine

"Crayone was enthusiastic, creative, eager, and most of all professional. We worked closely together through concept development and final comps. When it was time to paint the mural, Crayone was quick and efficient. Most important, however the finished piece turned out to be better than I had imagined. I would highly recommend Crayone for any position or project."


David Wholey

General Manager

"The vibrancy of the colors combined with the dynamics of the composition perfectly illustrates my style of taste."


Judy Anderson

Art Dealer

"Crayone is not only an excellent mural artist in the veil of Diego Rivera, but he completes his projects as designed on time and on budget. I would happily have Crayone complete another project for me."

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